Terms of use for User

Updated on: 16th January 2022

  • The listed "Terms of Use" on this page govern your use of the TimeBachaoo application for smart devices.

  • You are requested to go through these “Terms of Use” before using the services offered by our platform. By downloading, installing, or even simply accessing the TimeBachaoo platform, you shall be contracting with TimeBachaoo and you signify that you agree to our Terms of Use & other policies, including Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Cancellation, and Take Down Policy, which comes into effect on the very date when you download, install or use the Services, and form a legally binding setting to abide by the same.

1) Registration Fees

  • 1.1 ) TimeBachaoo doesn’t charge any amount for registration or appointment booking (Booking Fees). However, the company reserves the right to charge membership and/or booking fees, by giving prior notice on its platform and social channels.

2) Payments

  • 2.1 ) TimeBachaoo allows users to make cash payments as well as online payments for the services. In cash payments, customers can make payments at the venue.

3) Taxation

  • 3.1 ) All the services & prices listed on TimeBachaoo Application are bound under the Finance Act of the Government of India.

4) Appointment Booking

  • 4.1 ) To make the appointment bookings hassle-free for both customers and partners, we allow rescheduling, rebooking, & cancellation of service via the TimeBachaoo Application.

  • 4.2 ) Your appointments are very important to the TimeBachaoo, each appointment is reserved especially for you. Our job is to make sure that your appointment at the salon runs as smoothly as possible.

  • 4.3 ) If you are unable to find the availability that you are looking for, don't worry, just give us a ring & our Reception Team will do their very best to find an appointment to suit your needs.

  • 4.4 ) You are required to visit the store 15 minutes from the start of your service. Failing to do so, your booking may get cancelled or re-scheduled.

  • 4.5 ) Your confirmed booking may be cancelled or rescheduled at any point in time. Please check your booking at a regular interval of time to get the latest status of your booking.

5) Rescheduling

  • 5.1 ) Customers can reschedule their appointment before their scheduled time slot. To reschedule, you can access My Bookings (on Application) and click on the Reschedule button to change the date and time. You may be charge accordingly for re-scheduling your booking.

6) Cancellation Policy:

  • 6.1 ) If the users keep on cancelling the appointment multiple times after successfully booking an appointment then the TimeBachaoo team may suspend the user’s account.

7) Refund Policy

  • 7.1 )We at TimeBachaoo work towards attaining ‘Customer Delight’, – a step forward to achieving ‘Customer Satisfaction’, & thus, we have put forward a very simple and customer-focused refund policy.
Case 1: When the booking is not confirmed:
  • In this scenario happens, the deducted amount (if any) will be refunded back to the customers through the same mode of payment within 7 Business Days (time taken for refund is subject to the policies of the third party payment gateway)
Case 2: When customers cancel their appointment:
  • If a customer cancels his/her appointment in advance (Before the appointment), then we will provide a full refund. Referring to Case 1 above for refund timeline.
Case 3: In the event of a no-show
  • When a customer doesn’t cancel the booking, neither visit the service provider at the scheduled time, then there will be no refund in this case.

8) TimeBachaoo Coupons

  • At its discretion, TimeBachaoo, from time to time, may issue Promotional Codes - free of charge - that can be redeemed by the users to get discounts and/or financial gains on different services.

  • You agree that TimeBachaoo Promotional Coupons:

  • 8.1 ) Shall not be duplicated, transferred, or sold in any manner.
    8.2 ) Shall not be shared with others.
    8.3 ) Should be used within its validity.
    8.4 ) Maybe cancelled or disabled by TimeBachaoo at any point in time for any reason without liability to the company.

  • TimeBachaoo reserves the right to deduct or remove Promotional Coupons and Codes if the Company reasonably determines or finds that the use of the same was in error/ illegal/ fraudulent/ in violation of the terms & conditions of the Promotional Coupons.

9) Misbehaviour

  • 9.1 ) If any of the staff members misbehave with the customers during the booking. Please report it to TimeBachaoo immediately. Strict legal action will be taken against them if found guilty. Store membership will also be removed permanently from TimeBachaoo.
    9.2 ) Users are also advised to behave properly with store members. If we receive your complaints from the service partners then your account may be temporary/permanently blocked from TimeBachaoo. Strict legal action might also be taken against you if found guilty.

10) Feedback and review

  • 10.1 ) User feedback/review is appreciated as it helps us understand their expectations so that we may take the necessary steps to increase the adoption and popularity of the app. It is also useful to embed new features and make improvements to existing ones for increased utility.

    10.2 ) Users are not allowed to give false feedback about the application on any of the social media applications. If find then we have the right to take strict legal actions against you.

11) Text Messages and Emails

  • 11.1 ) By creating a TimeBachaoo Account, you agree that the company may send you text messages on your number, WhatsApp message, and emails as part of your use of the TimeBachaoo Services. You consent to receive information & notifications regarding the business operations of TimeBachaoo through text messages & emails and you acknowledge that any actions you perform to prevent such messages & emails will affect your use of the Services.

    11.2 ) When your appointment is scheduled it is our responsibility to remember your appointment times & dates to avoid late arrivals and missed appointments.

12) Important

  • 12.1 ) All above terms and conditions are subject to change. TimeBachaoo team keeps on reviving our policies for a better user experience.

    12.2 ) If any user does not follow any of the above terms and conditions then the TimeBachaoo team has the right to suspend their account temporarily/permanently depending upon the situation.

    12.3 ) TimeBachaoo team also has the right to take legal activities against negligence in following the above terms and conditions by the any user.